Winter workshops

Introduction to fermentation

hd photography of flowering cabbage
Photo by ehsan hasani on Pexels.com

Learn the basics of wild fermentation.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know to start fermenting at home.  During the class you will

  • Taste some delicious fermented foods & drinks
  • Learn about probiotics and health
  • Take home easy and delicious recipes
  • Kombucha and a kraut will be made on the day

When:  Saturday 2nd June 11am AND Saturday 7th July 11am

All about kefir

strawberry smoothie on glass jar
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This class will set you up with skills and creative ideas to make your own kefir products at home.

During the class you will

  • Learn how to make and care for milk and water kefir
  • Discover the health benefits of fermented milk products
  • Taste milk kefir yoghurt, labneh and cultured butter
  • Take home recipes

When: Saturday 2nd June 1pm AND Saturday 7th July 1pm

All workshops are held at the Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic – 101A Bulcock St, Caloundra

Workshops are $45 each or come to both for $75.

We keep the numbers small so that you can ask questions, touch, smell and taste everything.

Bookings essential – call Lydia on 0409 371 012 OR email lydia@sunshinecoastgutclinic.com.au



This is where we share information


Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic Blog and the place where we will post upcoming workshops, special offers and information.

So whats up next – we’re so glad you asked – please join us on

Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at 10am for:

Healthy Eating for Happiness seminar – how food choices can affect your mental health.

Naomi will guide you through the latest nutrition findings on diet and depression, plus discuss easy strategies to try at home.  If you’ve already heard about the brain – gut axis, this will be explained in greater depth.  Spots are limited so bookings are essential.  Cost is $20 and the seminar will be held in the clinic.

You can call Naomi on 0414 591 948 or email naomi@sunshinecoastgutclinic.com.au

Or, fill out the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page of this blog

September Workshops

Spring time brings new life and colour to our gardens and our plates.  And as the weather warms, we start to think more about salads, BBQs and eating outdoors.  And there is no better way to brighten up a salad than with a colourful crunchy kraut or fermented pickle.  And if you’d love to learn how to make your own, we can teach you all the basics.

berries blackberries close up cocktail
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Our ‘Introduction to Fermentation’ workshop will take you through the basics of safe and delicious wild fermentation.  We’ll make a kraut, we’ll sample some different flavours and we’ll also teach you how to make kombucha.  And of course – there’ll be some lovely batches of our kombucha for you to try.  you will receive recipes and a scoby to take home.

Our numbers are always small, so get in quick.

11.30am – Saturday 15th September

Our ‘Everything kefir’ workshop takes fermentation to the next level.  Tania from The Fermentier will teach you how to ferment with kefir grains, how to care for and love your grains.  And, she’ll give your taste buds a treat as you taste her flavoured water kefir, milk kefir, cultured butter and creme fraiche.

Individual workshops are $45 or come to both for $75

Email Lydia at lydia@sunshinecoastgutclinic.com.au to book your spot

Christmas Gifts

Are you stuck for gift ideas for friends and loved ones?pineapple-supply-co-279730

The Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic can send or email gift certificates on your behalf.  Its as easy as selecting an amount and we’ll take it from there.

Gift certificates can be used:

– Towards the cost of a consultation with a SCGC dietitian

– Fermentation workshops


– Fermenting kits to get your loved ones started. A $30 gift voucher will cover the cost of a 1 litre Ball Mason wide mouth glass jar with lid, a Mason Tops pickle pipe and wide mouth glass pickle pebble.  We’ll include our favourite recipes too.  Postage costs are additional.

Just drop us an email and we’ll organise the gift certificate or fermentation set for you.


Festive ferments workshop – 11 Nov


 let’s celebrate summer

Party season is just around the corner and we’d love to help you celebrate with some festive fermented inspiration.  Want some ideas for Christmas entertaining – we can show you how to inject some funky flavours to your menu with fermented vegetables, pickles and fabulous fermented drinks.

We’ll show you how to make flavour bombs like our traditionally fermented beetroot and apple relish.  Amazing with cold meat, seafood or cheese and crackers.

Get inspired to zhoosh up your burgers, soft tacos, salad and more with naturally fermented pickles.  A great finger food when entertaining too.

Sip on icy cold, refreshing traditional ginger beer or try some yuletide flavoured kombucha (think plum pudding).  Less sugar than bought drinks and packed with probiotics and love.

Pack up the excess into cute jars for delicious homemade gifts and treats.

Let’s get this party started and keep our bellies happy at the same time!

Saturday 11th November at 11am

Cost: $45


Bookings essential – call Lydia 0409 371 012 or email lydia@sunshinecoastgutclinic.com.au

Follow us on Face Book and Instagram – Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic www.sunshinecoastgutclinic.com.au





Lets talk about ..

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures and cooking, for me, is the manifestation of love.  As a dietitian, obviously I am health conscious but I choose to reject words like ‘poison’ when talking about food.  To me, it’s all about balance.  And in the pursuit of balance, I love to experiment with new ingredients, find a place for these newcomers in our weekly meals and ensure that my family is getting varied, nutritious and delicious food.

 As a dietitian running a practice that specialised in digestive disorders and gut health, it’s exciting to see the emergence of traditional foods that are easy to integrate into our eating and that add new textures and tastes for people to enjoy.  If there is one buzz topic in nutrition now it’s got to be the topic of ‘plant foods’.  Plant foods are reigning supreme as foods with nutritional integrity, foods that impact less on the environment, foods that are beneficial for heart health, gut health, weight management and promote a more diverse and abundant microbiome. 


From a personal perspective, the things I strive for with my meal planning and cooking are –  1. Try to include lots of vegetables into our meals and 2. Try to add extra fibre.  Fibre is simply roughage, it has no calories but fills us up and adds bulk to the food mass moving through our digestive system.  Fibre helps with regularity (and being regular keeps us happy) by increasing the bulk and size of your stools plus helps to soften them, making them easier to pass.  Fibre also helps with the control of blood sugar levels and lowers total blood cholesterol.  And I haven’t even gotten to the best bit!

Fibre feeds those amazing microorganisms living in our gut. We are learning more and more about the ‘microbiome’ – the eco-system of microorganisms living in and on us.  And we are discovering that these microorganisms play a role in good health and disease prevention.  So the goal is to have healthy populations of the good bacteria living in our gut.  And we know that good bacteria feed on fibre (we call fibre a prebiotic) and then release by-products of the fibre fermentation that are good for gut health.  So lots of fibre = well-fed, happy bugs = healthier you and me.

Some easy tips for increasing fibre and variety are:

  • When cooking rice, add another grain/seed that cooks in a similar amount of time. Try ½ rice, ¼ teff and ¼ quinoa.  Not only does the taste improve, but the leftovers are excellent in a salad.
  • When cooking a beef curry, add 1/2 cup red lentils to the pot. Again, they will thicken the curry, add fibre, micronutrients and add a delicious flavour
  • I love making a big batch of vegetable risotto on a Sunday to freeze in smaller containers for lunch. Risotto rice is great for resistant starch but low in fibre.  So to boost the fibre content, to pumpkin risotto I add red lentils, to mushroom risotto I add ivory teff grains and to green veg risotto I add green split peas. 
  • We love bircher muesli in my house (oats soaked overnight in water/milk) and if I’ve got leftover grains of any kind (buckwheat, rice, quinoa, teff, farro, freekeh etc.) I add them to the mix. In the morning, I add seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds and yoghurt for a delicious and nutritious (gut healthy) breakfast.

 “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Would you like to learn more about fermentation?

The Sunshine Coast Gut Clinic loves to talk about food! Yes, we’re all about the pleasure and joy that food delivers. And we love to cook.

Luckily for us, the team at the SCGC has a varied background that enables us to offer a range of food related events.

Lydia has a Russian heritage and she’s an old-school kinda lady.  She loves to prepare things from scratch and she grew up watching her mother doing the same.  She is obsessed/pre-occupied (you pick the word) at the moment with fermented vegetables and her kitchen cupboards are hiding many jars in various stages of fermentation.  With her Russian blood she’s got cabbage covered – her sauerkraut and kimchi are delicious.  And in her spare time, she loves nothing better than baking delicious, long slow fermented sourdough bread.  All of these interests she would love to share with you.

Naomi is the quintessential mother earth figure, caring for her family with zeal and commitment.  Her meals are delicious, nutritious and they are all 100% gluten free.  For some GF inspiration, check out her insta @naomi_sunshinecoastgutclinic. She also take people on tours through a local supermarket showing them gluten free options that are healthy and affordable.  If you are interested in a tour, send us an email through the contact page.

More through necessity than anything, Naomi began experimenting with gluten free sourdough baking.  In Lydia’s kitchen they grew a GF starter and then Naomi took over the GF bread making duties.  Her GF bread is delicious, easy to make and inexpensive.  And she offers gluten free bread making classes where you will not only learn how to make your own loaf of GF sourdough bread but you’ll receive your very own starter to take home.  Send us a message through our link on the contact page.

Finally we have Tyrone, our chief kombucha brewer.  Tyrone is a chef, a nutritionist and a psychologist plus hes a really nice guy.  Tyrone loves the outdoors, health, fitness and entertaining.  Hes also a current post graduate student so his commitment to lifelong learning is obvious in everything he does.  Given how busy he is, we’re very lucky to have Tyrone available to deliver workshops here at the clinic.  Keep an eye on our program of events for upcoming kombucha workshops.


And we can come to you : –

If you’ve got a group of friends who are interested in – fermented vegetables and pickles, sauerkraut, sourdough bread (wheat based or gluten free) making or kombucha brewing, drop us an email and we can organise a time to come to you.  If you’d like a Christmas get-together with a difference, a festive fermentation party might just fit the bill.